051 | Beit Din Today: A Winding, Delayed Journey

The final leg in this unpredictable path is both exciting and daunting

Today at 2pm Pacific time is my Beit Din, the Jewish jury of 3 rabbis, the final step of my conversion before mikvah immersion. I never thought it would be so late and yet it’s not late at all, really. It’s been 15 months in all, and some people study for years before converting. A little covid delay has actually allowed me to breathe, learn, and serve.

Wish me luck and see you soon for more updates! I haven’t been able to post here as much as I would like; I have lots of drafts waiting to be finished on a variety of things. Here’s a post from August 19 from my Instagram—give me a follow!—with another view into my journey. (Also, my hamsa).